Tips to Improve Your Ski and Snowboard Fun

Not many things compare to the feeling of sliding down a pristine snow covered slope in the UK on a beautiful sunny day. In a lot of ways there's no other feeling like it, anywhere. We do indeed love skiing or snoboarding. We do of course want everyone to return safely after a day on the slopes. So to that end, we think it's important to provide you with the following three excellent tips and tricks for ski and snowboarding so every outing is only fun and safe.

You need to learn how to read your routes for tell-tale signs of past events. Anytime there is a huge avalanche, you hear about it on the news. These news stories tell you how devastating and unforgiving this natural event can be. But you need to know that small avalanches are just as deadly as the large ones you hear about on the news. Reading your routes is really about experience than anything else. While this skill is not the easiest to learn, you shouldn't ignore it, either. Take the time to study the terrain, looking for the sometimes hard to detect variations. As you study the terrain, you may be able to spot potential hazards as well as recognize signs of past damage.

You need to master short turns if you want to advance your skiing skills. Pivot slip turn drills are a good way to improve your short turn abilities. When you practice this drill, you'll face downhill and then rotate both of your legs left to right by 180 degrees. That's the steps of the pivot slip turn drill. It will be easier if you can practice this drill on groomed snow. Avoid neglecting proper pole planting because it will help with a smooth flow and overall rhythm. If you want to learn how to execute this drill properly, then you should simply sign-up for a short instruction session with a professional British ski and snowboard instructor.

Then, you need to just make the effort to practice the drill.

If this is the first time you've heard about impact shorts for snowboarders, thank your stars that you read this article; these can save you from some ugly tailbone injuries. These special shorts are padded in the backside plus the hip areas, and they'll really help a lot with preventing bruises. Don't for a second think that you will be the only one wearing them because all of the smart and experienced boarders will be wearing them too. It's just that, for example, if you bruise your tailbone, you'll be on the sidelines for months, perhaps. No kidding, this is a very bad injury to get and wearing impact shorts can cut down on the likelihood of it happening to you.

We understand that you can't stop all of the potential injuries from happening while you are skiing or snowboarding. It is like all other sports: there are some standard injuries that go with it.

It usually just depends on if you are skiing or if you are riding. If you decide to go out into the back country there are extra precautions you need to take, for obvious reasons. You will be by yourself if something happens. If you are skiing or riding alone, not recommended, then you are truly on your own and unnecessarily placing yourself at extreme risk. So, give some forethought to what you're doing and where you're going.